Actor: Kevin Hart/Role: Cedric

This comedian may only be 5'2", but that doesn't matter when you're standing on top of the world. His 2011 comedy tour, Laugh at My Pain, was the hit of the year, and the independently produced and distributed concert video was a financial smash. But back in the day, Kevin was the typical struggling comic. Only as he started to build his reputation as a dynamic and inventive performer, did Kevin Hart begin to see the love from Hollywood. He developed his first TV series, The Big House, in 2005, and around that same time he began turning up more regularly in films, including The 40 Year Old Virgin, Soul Plane, and the Scary Movie franchise of spoofs.

Think Like a Man has Kevin Hart playing Cedric, that guy who's always just enough removed from the drama to keep some perspective—and when you're dealing with Kevin Hart, you know that perspective will be hilarious.