Bruce Banner is dead! But don’t worry; death is always temporary in the comic book world. For now, though, the Hulk is a separate entity on his own without any puny humans holding him down. And in Incredible Hulk #7.1, fans looking to follow the exploits of the Jade Giant will be able to do so with an issue specially designed for new readers.

So before the issue hits shelves on May 16, be sure to check out Marvel’s synopsis and some preview art for Incredible Hulk #7.1.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Incredible Hulk #7.1, from the superstar creative team of Jason Aaron and Jefte Palo. Whatever happened to Bruce Banner? Red She-Hulk knows and is determined to make those responsible pay. In this great jumping on point for fans new and old, dive right into one of the most exciting comics of the year just as Aaron ramps up for his epic rage-induced arc, “Stay Angry.” The Jade Giant hits his breaking point, but what will this mean for Bruce Banner? Find out in Incredible Hulk #7.1, hitting comic shops everywhere, the Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Digital Comic Store this May!

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