Besides new characters and better guns, the AI will be a lot more realistic in this next installment. Enemies will run towards you with confidence, flee and find cover when they are at bad odds, and even try to flank you. Fighting against a group of common Skag pups is nothing, and even when they run to adult ones, you might still be okay. However, if the adults run and hide under a Badass Fire Skag, you’re in lots of trouble. Enemies will constantly try to outnumber you and hide behind one another. You will also see enemies fighting each other at times, giving you a tactical advantage. Shooting enemies in the legs or in specific areas will even cause them to limp or showcase exactly how much pain they’re in.

Another new feature is the abundance of new areas. Instead of traversing a deserted wasteland, livelier places like the Arctic Tundra and Scottish Greenlands will be accessible throughout the story. The Wildlife preservation will include factories and warehouses, while Caustic Caverns is a corrosive and highly chemical waste dump. Each area hides new secrets along with its own variety of enemies, so always be prepared as you traverse each zone.