Salvador is most likely the first character that you’ll see on the main menu. He’s been the face of Borderlands 2 thus far and I’ve started to see why- he’s nothing short of badass. As a Gunzerker, Salvador has the ability to make his guns do some serious damage by dual-wielding whatever he happens to pick up. It doesn’t matter if he has a rocket launcher in his left hand and a sub-machine gun in his right, you can still fire both by pressing either LT or RT on Xbox, or L2 and R2 on PS3.

To enhance this ability, Salvador has 3 skill trees that cater to his trigger-happy ways. "Wrath" skills connect directly to his dual-wielding ability by adding stat bonuses on damage and determines how long the ability can last. The "Brawn" skill tree deals with Salvador’s strength and how much damage he can take. Sal's last tree, "Gun Lust", increases all of his weapon stats and even gives new ones. My favorite is called "Down, Not Out", which allows Salvador to use his dual-wield ability while he is downed. Normally it’s forbidden to use any power when on the verge of death but here, nothing helps the player to shoot his/her way to restoration more than being able to double their firepower. The "Overheat" ability also allows his gun fire rates to increase as you continue to hold down the fire button.

If you love guns (and of course you do if you're reading this), the Gunzerker class takes full advantage.