Axton is a little more tech-oriented than your average solider as his action ability utilizes a turret. He can build a turret and customize it using his skill trees. The skill tree "Gunpowder" supports medium-ranged combat. The "Longbow Turret" skill helps Axton teleport his turret anywhere he wants much like the Incendiary Longbow grenades in the first Borderlands. Axton's turret can be customized with all sorts of weapons--depending on the skill--including rocket launchers. To support short-ranged combat, players will turn to the "Guerrilla" skill tree; its skills let Axton use his turret more aggressively.

The final "Survival" tree supports defensive tactics. The "Pressure" skill, within the same tree, gives Axton faster reload times and shield recharge bonuses depending on how low his health meter is. Probably the most mysterious character next to Zero, little is known about Axton's background story as well. It's been said that he wears the dog tags of his dead wife, so maybe he’s out for a little revenge? We’ll just have to wait and see.