An image of pre-order cards from Target has been posted on IGN, confirming two things:

  1. The next Call of Duty will be Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
  2. Black Ops 2 will be in stores on November 13th, just in time for the Black Friday surge.

Neither piece of information comes as a huge shocker. Rumors and advance media have all but confirmed that this year's CoD would be a follow-up to the series' newest storyline. There has been a Call of Duty title released every November for the last several years, so finding the game's release date doesn't have same power as with other, less predictable games.

The first official details of the game are to be shown (presumably in trailer-form) during the NBA playoffs broadcast on May 1st. Target confirmed to Polygon that pre-orders for Black Ops 2 begin May 2nd.

[Via IGN]