Aiming for that valuable social media-engaged youth market, Pepsi has abandoned its traditional corporate site for a Flipboard-style, aggregate pop culture blog running the same stories as just about everyone. 

It’s all a part of the soda giant’s “Live For Now” campaign, which PepsiCo Digital Head Shiv Singh says strives to reconnect the brand with “the heart of pop culture.” 

The platform allows any tweets with the hashtag #now or #livefornow to be published on the site, and Pepsi is also promising direct engagement from its celebrity endorsers, such as Nicki Minaj.

Right now, you’ll find a post about Beyonce being named People’s most beautiful woman (pulled from Reuters) and Norah Jones being inspired by Graceland (courtesy of BANG Music). Nothing unique, but overall, the site sure does look pretty. It’s all in the name of “branded content,” but what allure does that hold if none of it is original?

[via Tech Crunch]