No conflagration of tens of thousands of gamers is complete without a few controversies, and last weekend's PAX East was no exception. Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik (posting as Gabe) has touched on the three biggest scandals this year, starting with Paul Crisoforo's continued self-destruction.

You may remember Cristoforo as the man who made a fool of himself late last year by being the worst marketing strategist ever. Despite being banned from PAX, he continued to insist that he would get in anyway, even asking a con-goer to send him pictures from the show floor so he could tweet them and pretend that he was there.

Naturally, the PAX-goer in turn contacted Gabe, who set up a secret Twitter account (@paulyoudummy) and tweeted the pictures himself before sending them off to Paul. Paul proceeded as planned, though when Gabe revealed that he had been duped he became confused before reportedly flying into a rage. "I actually felt a twinge of guilt as I watched the man dig himself deeper and deeper into a hole," Gabe wrote. "That passed quickly though as I remembered all the violent and racist threats he made towards Robert and I."

The other two controversies involved Keith Apicary, who was kicked out of the show for interrupting a panel and taking his pants off after signing a contract explicitly promising that he wouldn't do exactly that, and Jessica Nigri, who was asked to change after show-goers complained about her revealing Lollipop Chainsaw outfit. Of the latter, Krahulik wrote, "This was a non issue."

"I have to admit I’m surprised that these made it to the blogs," he concluded, "but my killing and eating of a PAX attendee got no press."