In other foul news, a Long Island, N.Y., woman says she was fired from her job after donating a kidney for her boss. Deborah Stevens says her boss, Jacqueline Brucia, at Atlantic Automotive Group was in need of a new kidney. To help, Stevens joined a multiple-patient kidney chain where you have to give one to get one, and Brucia got one.

According to Stevens, the only thanks she got was an email saying: "Thanks more than I can ever say."

She returned to work four weeks later—sooner than Brucia—but started feeling ill about three days after returning. Despite suffering complications from the surgery, such as nerve damage in her leg, her job harassed her. They even went as far to dismiss her ailments as a “personal problem.”

Stevens hired a lawyer, so her job responded by shelving her at another dealership some 50 miles away. She was fired shortly after, her job claiming that she wasn’t “performing up to standards.” Stevens has since filed a complaint with the State Division of Human Rights.

Atlantic Auto Group issued the requisite corporate kiss-off, saying “"It is unfortunate that one employee has used her own generous act to make up a groundless claim. Atlantic Auto treated her appropriately and acted honorably and fairly, at every turn.”

This proves there’s no loyalty in Corporate America; you can give your boss an organ and the company will still find a way to fuck you over.

[via CBS News]        

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