Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that the follow-up to retro-reboot "New Super Mario Bros will heading to the 3DS this August during a "Nintendo Direct" livestream last night.

Though initially only announced as a Japanese release, Nintendo of America confirmed today that New Super Mario Bros 2 will be to coming North America in August as well.

Stepping away from the excitement of hearing about another New Super Mario Bros, the announcement means that this year's 3DS Mario game is not the rumored Super Mario Bros 4 project.

Nintendo recently bought the URL for, leading to string of rumors about a potential sequel to the original NES Mario trilogy. Those rumors were fueled by information that Nintendo will be showing Mario's first adventure on the Wii U at E3, as well as the a "side-scrolling" Mario project for the 3DS.

If this is the aforementioned 3DS game, does that mean that "Mario Wii U" will be Super Mario Bros 4?

[Via Joystiq]