A New Jersey family has filed a lawsuit against their landlord, claiming that they were forced to bail on their home because of “paranormal activity.” Josue Chinchilla and Michele Callan made it through a week in their Toms River home before bouncing in the middle of the night because, as they put, spirits were “tugging at their bedsheets.”

The couple is suing their landlord, well-known local orthodontist Dr. Richard Lopez, because their home is haunted. They even want the $2,250 security deposit back.

According to the couple, as soon as they moved into the three-bedroom house, strange things occurred. Over the next seven days, they allegedly experienced menacing voices whispering “let it burn,” slamming doors, footsteps coming up the basement, and discovering clothes tossed around. After the bedsheets incident, it was officially a wrap.

Lopez fired back with his own suit against the couple for breaking their lease. His attorney, David A. Semanchik, says a decade’s worth of tenants have never had issues with ghosts. He also painted Callan as a struggling mother with a live-in, bum of a fiancé.

What’s the verdict here: Are the couple’s ghost claims bullshit, or is this place really haunted? Tom’s River is where the first three Amityville Horror films were shot. Click through for images of ghost hunters inspecting the home.

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[via The Daily Mail UK]

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