Remember those shiny new Xbox 360 controllers? The ones that come in silver, red and blue, sport a sheen like chrome, and are slated to come out some time soon?

Yeah, they look great, we know. And Andriasang reveals that you may get an added bonus when you pick one up—but only if you live in Japan. Since the controller's coming out there on the same day (May 24) as Capcom's new RPG, Dragon's Dogma, players who pick up both will get a special code to download eight DLC quests in the game.

Whether we'll get a similar deal in the US is up to fate. Or more specifically, Microsoft. Dragon's Dogma releases here on May 22, so hopefully there'll be an announcement soon.

Would you be more likely to pick up a new controller if it came with DLC? What do you think about the chrome designs? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

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