Alan Moore's Watchmen chronicled the plight of the vigilante, humanizing them more than their lack of super powers did. The characters were real people with real problems, and now Michigan costumed crusader BeeSting has some real problems. 

BeeSting, or 36-year-old Adam Besso, was arrested after a trailer park scuffle in which his shotgun discharged. BeeSting, who is part of local super hero collective the Michigan Protectors, had been hired to patrol the park, and confronted 38-year-old Tom Carter (last image) about his loud motorcycle. The two starting fighting after the man grabbed BeeSting's weapon because he felt threatened.

The gun fired, sending a round into a vacant trailer. The man suffered a cut on the lip, but refused medical attention. BeeSting faces two felonies for assault and wearing body armor while committing a violent crime. What really hurts, however, is that his group plans to kick him out.

Even crime fighters have career issues.

[via Deadspin]

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