The wealthy residents of New York’s Chelsea district are requesting a parking ban after witnessing one too many backseat love affairs. Should they get their way, weekend nighttime parking will be prohibited on their section of West 30th Street, between Seventh and Eighth Avenue.

The Department of Transportation is actually considering it after local council voted to send a petition  to City Hall. In addition to the public fornication (and the carnal evidence left behind) drugs, double parking, drunken fisticuffs, and obnoxious noise are other complaints leveled at this part of town.

Chelsea is a popular nightlife destination, and two popular spots—Rebel NYC and the Parlour—are located on the strip where the ban has been requested. The State Liquor Authority recently rejected the Parlour’s request to renew its liquor license.

Are these complaints valid, or do these people just suck?

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[via The Daily Mail UK]

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