Know that in between flying the friendly skies, there's a chance that TSA agents will fuck with your luggage and then metaphorically spit in your face. That's precisely what happened to Manhattan-based graphic designer Ross Berenson, who discovered that his luggage had been tampered with after arriving at JFK International on a Jet Blue flight from Los Angeles Sunday.

Berenson noticed that the bright green "TSA-certified" lock was absent from his bag. When questioned about it, the TSA employees were calm and civil, then handed him a form with the message: "GO TO HELLLLLLL" (cue the appropriate Clash song). Berenson says he didn't notice the verbal dart until he got on the subway, where he then did what any of us would do: he tweeted about it:

Berenson alleges that the form was definitely a photocopy, meaning TSA could be waiting to slap another complaining customer with one whenever they're having a bad day. TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein says that the agency will work with Berenson to learn more about the offending form, but covered TSA's ass by saying that they always place a notice of inspection inside bags they open.

Jill Filipovic can vouch for that last claim.

[via Gothamist]

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