We've heard of some crazy and creative marriage proposals, but this one definitely takes the cake, mostly as the absolute craziest. 48-year-old Gregory Todd of Hessle, Humberside, UK proposed to his girlfriend, 32-year-old Tiffany Baillie, while sitting across from her in a court room...during a hearing where she was being indicted for stabbing him in the back. Literally. Like, she actually took a knife and plunged it into his back and nearly killed him.

People in relationships can forgive a lot, but that may be pushing it just a bit.

According to the Telegraph, Baillie stabbed Todd with a 12-inch knife last December as he was sleeping in their home. The blade, which pierced his liver, spleen, and pancreas, would have killed him had it not been for emergency surgery that was performed right away. Apparently, after he recovered several months later, he visited Baillie in prison and forgave her for, basically, trying to murder him. It was during an open hearing recently that Todd proposed to Baillie through her lawyer. 

According to Baillie's lawyer, Paul Genney, the stabbing occurred near the anniversary of their 10-week-old son's death, as well as weeks after a miscarriage. Todd and Genney are asking the judge for leniency in the case. 

"This just isn't like her. She doesn't need to be locked up, she needs help. There were a lot of signs, which maybe I should have picked up on, but I didn't," Todd said of the case in an interview with the Hull Daily Mail. "I don't hold this against her at all. Seeing her in prison is my worst nightmare."

Todd will have to wait a while to get an answer to his proposal, since Baillie is still in protective custody. For nearly killing him

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