DC Comics is looking to expand upon its line of digital-first comics by releasing a new Batman series this June featuring a stable of writers and artists including Ben Templesmith, Steve Niles, Nicola Scott, Jeff Lemire, and Lost co-creator, Damon Lindelof, according to USA Today. This new title will operate outside of the normal DC continuity and will tell stand-alone stories that are easier to follow for casual fans.

The series will join other digital-first titles like a rotating roster of futuristic Beyond titles—including Batman BeyondJustice League Beyond, and Superman BeyondSmallville Season 11, Batman: Arkham Unhinged, and the newly-announced Ame-Comi Girls, which will be released in May and revolve around anime versions of popular DC heroines. 

Unlike print comics, which only get released on Wednesdays, these digital-first books will debut five days a week on a fixed schedule that looks like this:

Monday: Ame-Comi Girls
Tuesday: Batman: Arkham Unhinged
Wednesday: Beyond
Thursday: Batman
Friday: Smallville: Season 11

Smallville, the Beyond comics, and Arkham Unhinged all have schedules to go to print after being released digitally, so there is always the chance that Batman and Ame-Comi Girls will follow that route as well. But for now, the only place to read these adventures will be to download them when they get released digitally later this year over at DC's official website.
[via USA Today, Comic Book Resources