Oracle and Google are currently embroiled in a vicious court battle that has the former accusing the latter of copying Java code without permission. The case has called for Google to provide information from years earlier in order to decide whether or not Oracle's claims are grounded in anything. One piece of evidence that has been called is a slide deck containing information on the original Google Phone. 

The deck, which is dated 2006, mention Java integration many times, but, to us, that's not even the most interest part. What is interesting is what the Google phone, which later became the T-Mobile G1, was supposed to be. According to this deck, the phone wasn't supposed to have a touch screen, run a low-powered 200 MHz ARM processor, heavily leverage all the Google services, and would be cheap to buy, but expensive to run. 

We've put all the slides from the deck above so you can read them for yourself. 

[via Slash Gear]