A new trailer for DmC, the reboot of Devil May Cry, from Capcom's Captivate event has leaked online ahead of schedule. Trailers for Resident Evil 6 and newly announced Lost Planet 3 have also been released.

The DmC trailer helps to set the game's tone and shows gameplay footage of Dante in action.

Opening with a conservative news pundit calling Dante the worst "terrorist" in the world, the half-demon hero is attacked by a bunch of enemies in an amusement park that looks like its straddling the line between hell and earth. Killing the demons and wrecking the park in the process, one thing is clear: Everybody hates Dante. The fact that he's being hunted by both humans and demons only adds to his badass credentials.

Oh yeah, did I mention that he clothes himself in mid-air as his trailer gets pulled off a cliff? Yeah, I don't think Dante needs to prove to anyone that he's a badass.