Product information for highly anticipated sequel, Crysis 3, appeared on EA's Origin distribution last night. The info listed the game for Xbox 360 and PC, and includes what seems to be box art for the game.

By this morning, the listing had been taken down. Thank god for the good people of Neogaf.

As Neogaf comm enters have pointed out, UK gaming magazine Gamereactor is mostly likely going to have the full reveal for Crysis 3 in its upcoming issue. I hope that making the game's existence public knowledge beforehand will somehow miraculously boost their sales, instead of hurting them.

Of course, the craziest part out of all of this is the game's box art: He's using a compound bow?

We'll get the full story from EA when they make a formal statement or from the Gamereactor spread, which is apparently set to hit newsstands this month.

[Via Neogaf]