In a world where teachers are barely scraping by and police officers are forced to take second jobs to make ends meet, The Wrap has just posted a story that reveals the gargantuan salary that Pauly D makes from The Jersey Shore. Obtained from legal documents stemming from International Creative Management's lawsuit against the star over money owed, the site is reporting that Pauly D's base salary per episode was $100,000 for Season 4, which contained 12 episodes.

On top of that, the blowout king "earned" a $400,000 signing bonus--bringing his total up to $1.6 million. But the money train isn't done rolling yet. He also received other compensation for various publicity stops, merchandising, after-shows, and other miscellaneous activities. The network also paid D a handsome $200,000 thank-you bonus for Season 4. Most of us would have just received a card. 

But that's not all. For Season 6 of the show, D is set to get a raise that would pay him $175,000 for each episode, bringing his base salary up to $2.1 million. So next time you're enjoying some ramen noodles or a feast off of a fast food $1 menu, remember that somewhere out there Pauly D has cracked his way into the 1% on a tidal wave of booze, loose women, and trashy TV. 

[via The Wrap