The Carters had their hands full while on vacation in St. Bart's last weekend— Beyonce was seen with newborn baby girl Blue Ivy Carter swaddled to her chest, and Jay-Z? He was in charge of the music.

The new dad and rap deity was spotted carrying an intriguing-looking boom-box/iPod dock while walking with the fam, and some eagle-eyed Complex commenters remarked upon the gadget when we posted the photos yesterday.

So what was the mysterious soundsystem fit for rap royalty? And where can you buy one? Turns out it's the iHome iP4, which retails for just $159 at Amazon and is also carried at Brookstone and even Urban Outfitters.

iHome is known as a low-cost consumer tech brand, which may seem like an odd fit for someone who's "plankin' on a million," but the iP4's cool, retro-futuristic styling is enough to catch any Roc Boy's eye. And for the Roc girls? It also comes in pink.

See a video of the iP4 in action below.