Echoing the central question of seminal graphic novel Watchmen, Paradox Interactive today asks, "Who reviews the reviewers?" Their answer, of course, is delightful: MetaMetaCritic. It's an aggregator for reviews of reviewers, 

“MetaMetaCritic will provide a more accurate, balanced system for reviewer reviews,” said Paradox's Lars Larsson in a press release. “In a landscape with so many diverse scales for rating games journalists, it’s hard to get an idea who the best writers really are. We all have different criteria for what makes a good review. How do we measure value and re-read value? And some of us try to base our ratings on abstract concepts like tone, voice, or whether an article was ‘finished’ or not. I’ve seen a lot of reviews get criticized lately for releasing day-one counterpoints – and don’t get me started on the ending of the Mass Effect 3 review.”

This sould prove a great resource for "game enthusiast enthusiasts" worried about where to spend their hard-earned page view, and Paradox claims that some outlets are already using MetaMetaCritic to determine reviewers' bonus pay. Are you excited to make an account and start trolling user reviews of reviewers? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.