That's right, brotherHulk Hogan is finally selling his Gulf Coast mansion for far less than the original asking price. Hogan, aka Terry Bollea, purchased the land with former wife Linda Hogan in 1992 for $2 million and built the home in 1996.

After he and Linda divorced, he placed the house on the market. In addition to Linda hitting up his pockets for that "alimoney," numerous other lawsuits depleted the Hulkster's funds. Five years ago, the property was valued at $25 million, but the desperate Hogan was forced to part with it for just $6 million.

The home has five bedrooms, eight full baths, three half baths and rec room with its own kitchen. In addition to those amenities, it sports a wet bar, tanning room, hot tub, guest house, and a swimming pool with waterfalls. It's the same place where Hogan Knows Best was filmed. 

When times are hard, they're truly hardeven when you're worth $30 million.

[via The Daily Mail UK]

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