It seems like a pretty easy feature to implement, and for some gamers, it's the difference between a good time and literally not being able to play a game at all: button re-mapping, or the ability to easily customize a game's controls to make each button activate any mechanic in the game. Maybe you want to jump with the right trigger and shoot with the A button. Who cares, right? Why not?

Disabled gamer Chuck Bittner, aka AskACapper, has been petitioning developers and console manufacturers for years to implement this simple feature, and he's just released a new video highlighting its importance. Some developers are already on board—Valve patched Portal 2 shortly after its release to include fully re-mappable buttons. Others are likely just clueless.

Bittner's petition has over 83,000 signatures. There's no reason why full button-remapping shouldn't already be a universal feature in every game. Help make it happen by signing the petition and sounding off in the comments or on Twitter.