Environmental group Greenpeace took aim at Apple yesterday, organizing worldwide protests against the company’s use of “asthma-inducing, climate destroying coal” to power its iCloud databases.

The protests ranged from activists walking into Apple stores and dropping off thousands of balloons marked “iClean?” to a “’cloud cleaning crew,” in uniform, miming cleaning up the stores with squeegees. Others also changed the homescreens of every display model to cleanourcloud.com, a website outlining Greenpeace’s mission. 

The crux of their argument is the belief that Apple can afford to undertake green initiatives. “Their history of out-of-the-box thinking and huge cash reserves positions them as the best IT company to transform the sector,” says Greenpeace analyst Gary Cook. He’s right—Apple just banked another $12 billion, on top of the $100 billion they already had in cash in hand.

[via Greenpeace via Gizmodo]