Geraldo Rivera made good on his promise.

During a six-minute interview with Trayvon Martin’s parents on Geraldo At Large, Rivera apologized to Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. This time around, Rivera sounded sincere, saying, “Pleasethis is the first time I've spoken to youaccept my condolences for your awful loss.”

After Martin’s parents thanked Rivera, he attempted to explain his “hoodie” comments:

“What I was trying to do was caution parents that allowing kids to wear hoodies or similar clothing in certain circumstances, particularly if they were minority young men, could be dangerous," Rivera explained. "But I never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings, and certainly Sybrina and Tracy, I never intended to hurt your feelings. I want to personally convey my deepest apologies to both of you. I am sorry, Tracy, if anything I said added to your misery.”

Tracy Martin thanked Rivera, and then offered his own take on his remarks and the situation:

“Your apology is accepted," Martin said. "Let me just add one thing with the wearing of the hoodie. I don’t think America knows that, in fact, at the time of the incident when he initially made the call, it was raining. So Trayvon had every right to have on his hood. He was protecting himself from the rain. So if being suspicious, walking in the rain with your hoodie on is a crime, then I guess the world is doing something wrong.”

That answer might be too logical for some to accept.

[via Huffington Post]

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