Since the now-infamous Double Fine Adventure game raised more than four million dollars on Kickstarter, game developers from all over with dreams of enough raising funds to makes their game idea into a reality and maybe even become an indie darling at the same time.

With Kickstarter's success in the gaming world, it was only a matter of time before someone designed a service that links the two more directly.

Enter Gambitious, a place for gamers and indie game developers to get together and help each other experience new games. Unlike Kickstarter, where players donate to game developers, essentially pre-ordering a game in advance. Gambitious takes the idea of investing in indie game devs to the next level. Instead of receiving digital/tangible rewards based on the amount of money they contribute, Gambitious' investors will receive a share of the game's profits.

Gambitious, a Dutch company, will open up crowdsourcing to European developers when it launches at E3 this June. Though the service will only be available in Europe at first, an international launch is part of the plan.

[Via Gamesindustry International]

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