Adding to the long list of industries pissed at other industries over decisions from latter that affect the former, some New England fishermen spoke out about Whole Foods' decision to stop selling certain fish in their stores. The method in question is trawling, which involves attaching a net to a boat and pulling it through the water. Many New England fishermen use that method, but Whole Foods recent ban targets fish caught in this way, meaning their decision will have a real economic  impact on them and the region.

But get this: The fishermen then took Whole Foods to task, saying the use of the word sustainable is merely a "marketing ploy" that, while "it looks good in advertising" in actuality "means absolutely nothing." Calling out Whole Foods for possible disingenuous-ness and hypocrisy starts a conversation, though they undermine themselves slightly when talking about "mak[ing] all the green people happy." But, wait, breaking news—newspapers are pissed at Craigslist, too, for their loss in ad revenue! Let the battle royale begin.

[via Gothamist]