At one point or another, everyone has wondered what their favorite cartoon characters would be like in real life, but it's almost impossible to picture it accurately. Well, the Icelandic comedy group, Mid-Island, has tried to answer this age-old riddle by creating a mock movie trailer for a film that features Donald Duck getting caught up in the cold, harsh world of the drug trade. Here, Donald trades in his perky demeanor and trademark voice for a razor blade and a line of coke as he spirals out of control.

Along the way, he runs afoul of memorable characters like Uncle Scrooge, Magica De Spell, and Goofy, who is now a drug kingpin. He also walks in on his wife, Daisy, having sex with a random leprechaun at one point, which is never a good thing no matter how you slice it.

The trailer is based off of the cinematic "Dogme 95" movement that was originated by a group of Danish directors, including Lars Von Trier. Basically, the style calls for a film to be completely stripped down without the use of special effects, music, unnatural lighting, and other garish techniques brought in from the mainstream. We’re sure the House of Mouse won’t be too pleased about seeing its characters turned into sex-crazed drug addicts, but this skit is simply too fantastic to ignore.

[via Mid-Island]