We reported yesterday that it was a miracle that Phil Fish's Fez, in development for over five years, had finally come out on Xbox Live. In retrospect, we suppose, the miracle would have been if it had actually been without any serious issues after all that time.

But developer Polytron has written that there are some "pretty serious" bugs that have emerged—after all, 20,000 people playing it in 24 hours is more stress testing than the game has ever had, they say.

"A small subset of older Xboxes with smaller hard drives can’t run the game at all," Polytron writes. "The game has trouble running off a USB stick. Crashes are occurring in specific levels or situations. In a rare situation (exiting the game from the “wall village” interiors), the save file becomes unusable. Nasty stuff."

A patch is in the works, though without an expected release window. In the meantime, they ask that you email info on any bugs to support@fezgame.com. Of course, you can also bitch about them to us in the comments or on Twitter.

[via GamesBeat]