In recent months, the newly resurrected Jason Todd, the former Robin, has shed his title as Batman's sidekick and branched off on his own to become the vigilante known as The Red Hood. Along the way, Todd has gathered a group of misfits—including The Green Arrow's former sidekick, Arsenal, and the former Teen Titan, Starfire—to join him in his crime fighting ways. The group now has its own solo series, Red Hood and the Outlaws, which is written by former X-Men writer Scott Lobdell with art by Kenneth Rocafort

DC has provided us with an exclusive preview of Red Hood and the Outlaws #8, on sale April 18. Here is the company's official synopsis of the issue: 

Suzie Su is back, and she's betting a hospital full of hostages will get Red Hood's attention! If that isn't enough to keep him and the Outlaws busy, there's someone waiting in the wings! It's Tim Drake knocking on Red Hood's door with a very special package for his estranged "brother." Don't miss Red Robin's cameo this issue, as it ties directly into next month's "Night of the Owls" Batman event!