Three drunk British men broke into an Australian Sea World, swam with the dolphins and eventually liberated a penguin. The next day, the woke with no memory of the atrocities they had committed the night before. It's good to see that the spirit of The Hangover lives on.

Authorities say the trio of Welsh lads broke into the park to be one with the dolphins. After tiring of that, they stole a 7-year-old Fairy Penguin named Dirk. They were confused when they discovered dirk wandering around their hotel room the next day, so they did what any upstanding young men would do—left him near a shark-infested lagoon.

Dirk returned to Sea World, and police eventually caught up with the geniuses after one of them allegedly bragged about stealing a penguin on Facebook. Don't snitch on yourselves via social media, kids. 

They're due in court on May 2 to face charges including trespassing and stealing a protected animal, but plan to use footage of Dirk inside of one of their homes to prove they never planned to hurt him. Their best defense is to simply admit that they tend to do dumb shit when they're fucked up.

[via Gawker]

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