The folks taking care of Drag Racer World's marketing couldn't have sent a clearer message with the package I received today. Inside the red metal case was a set of tools and sturdy gloves. A car engine revved as I opened it, and the whole thing somehow smelled of a well-used garage.

For a moment, I actually felt like a pit stop mechanic, until I remembered I'm just some guy who writes about video games.

Drag Racer World is the fourth entry in the Drag Racer series, created in 2001 by 14-year-old math geek Adam Telfer. Now the 2D racing series has 50 million users, according to the press materials sent out today, and is one of the top ten flash games of all time.

World is the third mobile entry, preceded by the award-winning DR: Perfect Run and DR: Pro Tuner. The game allows you to make a profile and save your stats in the XMG cloud, customize your dragster both functionally and aesthetically, and challenge friends and rivals online in 2D drag races.

It's also free-to-play, so there should be little stopping you from trying it out when it drops on iOS and Android in May—unless you're chicken.