David Gordon Green's remake of the cult classic Italian horror film, Suspiria, will finally begin shooting this September, according to The Playlist. In an interview we conducted with him last September, Green talked about his vision for the film and his struggles getting it off the ground, but now with financing in place, the project is seemingly on the fast track towards seeing the light of day.

Green experienced two flops recently with The Sitter and Your Highness, but his passion for the horror genre and Suspiria itself should be more than enough to get fans of the original excited about the remake. Green originally wanted to make Suspiria years ago with Natalie Portman, but it never panned out and the duo went on to work together on Your Highness instead. There is no word on whether or not Portman could still play the lead in the movie as it stands right now. 

Dario Argento's original version of Suspiria was about an American ballet student who enrolls in a prestigious dance school in Germany only to find out that it is run by a coven of witches. The movie became famous for its nightmarish color palette, intense gore, and the freakish score by the Italian progressive rock band, Goblin. If Green wants to capture the true spirit of the original, we wouldn't expect any of those elements to get toned down for the remake. 

[via The Playlist