Nearly 100,000 PC gamers signed a petition to get From Software's wonderfully punishing RPG Dark Souls onto their monitors, and that's exactly what's happening with the Prepare To Die Edition. But it's not all good news.

For one thing, it's basically a straight port, meaning there's a possibility that the serious framerate issues experienced in certain areas of the console versions could carry over. And mouse and keyboard support will be minimal, with the game's producer, Hidetaka Miyazaki, urging players to use a controller even on PC. The menus are even remaining the same as in the console versions.

And despite the PC port getting a slew of new content, including three new areas, four bosses, more NPCs (Artorias) and equipment (weapons, armor, etc.), and improved multiplayer, Miyazaki has said it's not likely that the Xbox 360 and PS3 will be getting that content as DLC any time soon.

But at least they're still listening—they're considering dropping the controversial Games For Windows Live after 20,000 exasperated gamers signed yet another petition. Our guess is if the console gamers out there make enough noise they'll get the new content as well.

Just tell us where to sign in the comments or on Twitter.