CD Projekt RED held their Spring Conference this morning, and there's plenty of good news for fans of The Witcher and the digital distribution platform formerly known as Good Old Games, GOG.

To start off, anyone who owns The Witcher 2 in any format will be getting a free, digital, DRM-free copy from GOG. For those looking forward to the Enhanced Edition, 1000 people will be getting early copies of the Xbox 360 version. Just write your own review—head to this site for more info. If you're unable to get the new version early, you can at least pre-download the patch starting on April 11 so you're ready to start playing on April 17.

In other Witcher news, the original game is finally out on Mac via Steam. Joyous news! And Apple users will get even more love on April 17, when a free Witcher comic starring Geralt will hit the App Store.

If The Witcher doesn't float your boat, you can always check out the original Fallout, which is free for the next two days. You can also pre-order Botanicula, the excellent-looking follow-up to Machinarium, for $8.99. Other new games have been added to the site, including Assassin's Creed and Heroes of Might and Magic V, which you can get in a bundle for $19.99 until April 12. They're part of GOG's new "premium editions" lineup, and include a gig of extras (like soundtracks, art, etc.).

What are you most excited about—free Fallout, The Witcher on Mac, a chance to get the Enhanced Edition early? How about all the new stuff on GOG? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.