Welcome to the West coast, where fast food and prostitution intersect? Think that's a silly claim? Just talk to Shelly Lynn, who filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles federal court claiming that her time at McDonald’s put her on the fast track to becoming a working girl.

It all began back in 1982, when Lynn met Keith Handley while working at an Arroyo Grande, Calif. McDonald’s. Handley owned a company that started the franchise in Arroyo Grande, and the two started dating in 1985. She alleges that Handley convinced one of his managers to fire her for insubordination the same year.

He bought her a home in Las Vegas, where Lynn planned to make it as a showgirl. He had other plans, pressuring her into working at Chicken Ranch, a brothelwhat a conniving pimp, right? She became a “top booker” at the ranch and claims she sometimes slept with up to 12 men a night. They wed in 1988, but it didn’t last.

If you’re wondering where McDonald’s fits in, it’s because Lynn claims that the beast did a half-assed job of screening Handley, allowing him to blackball her. With few options, she was forced into becoming a prostitute.

Let her tell it, McDonald's pimped her just like Handley did.

[via LAist]

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