Bears are making a comeback.

After making the news in late March for saving a man from a mountain lion, the word is out that bears are in (suck it, Grizzly Man). A residential neighborhood in La Crescenta, Calif., has been dealing with a black bear over the past month, and finally took it down (with three tranquilizer darts). But not before the bear proved, once again, why bears are awesome.

A resident of the area, Vaz Terdandenyan, was walking on the sidewalk, not paying the world any attention because he was texting, when he came face-to-face with the bear. Watch the video: He almost walks into the bear before looking up, freaking out, and running away.

The California Fish and Game department may have won this battle, but the bear's staunch anti-texting message is another chapter in the beautiful bear-comeback saga.

[via KTLA]