Tara Reid's Wardrobe Malfunction: At P. Diddy’s birthday extravaganza in 2005, Tara Reid gave everybody in attendance a piece of red carpet nudity that no one has ever forgotten when her dress strap fell clear off her shoulder. We would call this a nip-slip, but there's a lot more than just nip hanging out here.

And Reid, as attentive as ever, had absolutely no clue this was happening until her petrified publicist ran to cover her up. Unfortunately, that gesture was too little, too late, as countless camera snaps made this moment of unintentional nudity an Internet phenomenon.

Jason Biggs' Prostitute Predicament: The most provocative thing that most spouses receive from their respective significant other on their birthday is usually a new tie or a nice pair of slippers. But for Jason Biggs' birthday, his wife, Jenny Mollen, got him something that would get most men clonked on the side of the head with a frying pan: a hooker.

Mollen wrote about the whole sordid tale in a column for Playboy, which included a few failed attempts with some less-than-stellar ladies of the night and a run-in with a temperamental ATM machine. In the end, she wound up spending $600 on something she could have just given to him for free herself. At least we know he’s done romancing baked goods.