Gearbox Software revealed that they're adding character customization options to laundry list of loot players can find or unlock in Borderlands 2 at their PAX East panel yesterday.

Randy Pitchford explained that, instead of designing a character at the beginning of the game, players will unlock new clothing and face options as they play. Players will get new design options as they complete missions and challenges or level up. Pitchford added that players who've completed the original Borderlands will unlock a special face and skin option.

The panel also talked up some of the special features for Borderlands 2 fans who opt to pre-order the game and/or pick up the newly announced special edition.

Gearbox will be releasing a fifth character class, the "Mechromancer" as a pre-order bonus/post-game DLC. Though the character hasn't been fully developed, the Mechromancer is female and a cyborg - She's been augmented with mechanical parts and has the ability to control a giant robot called the D374-TP A.K.A. the "Deathtrap".

No price or release date was announced for the Mechromancer DLC, though Pitchford said it would be "comparable to most DLC".

Pitchford also announced a collector's edition for the game. The special edition will cost 149.99 and come with a replica loot box, a Marcus bobblehead, and a copy of the game, among other things.

[Via Game Informer]