There was MySpace and Justin Timberlake, Airbnb and Ashton Kutcher, Megaupload and Swizz Beatz and now there's Dropbox and Bono + The Edge. The famed U2 vocalist and guitarist buddied up to the hot cloud storage startup in its latest round of investment funding, as revealed by a recent tweet from the official Dropbox account.

"@Dropbox is excited to welcome Bono & The Edge as investors. Thanks for the support and look forward to great things!" the company announced.

The investment of an undisclosed sum is said to have been a part of a funding round led by Index Ventures.

Dropbox lets you easily upload your files to the cloud, where they can easily be accessed and shared via mobile devices and social networks. Bono was a close friend of Steve Jobs and has previously invested in blue chip startups like Facebook and Yelp.

[via The Next Web]

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