This week's rumors that Gabe Newell and Tim Cook had a secret meeting of genius minds may turn out to be just that, as the Valve Head has told Seven Day Cooldown that he's never actually met the CEO of Apple.

The rumor stated that Cook had been spotted on or around Valve's HQ in Washington. Naturally, speculation went off the deep end pretty quickly, with the most talked about rumor being Valve and Apple collaborating on next-gen gaming hardware. Unfortunately, though, that might not be the case.

"We actually, we all sent mail to each other, going, ‘who's Tim Cook meeting with? Is he meeting with you? I'm not meeting with Tim Cook.’ So we're... it's one of those rumours that was stated so factually that we were actually confused," Newell said.

"We have a long list of things we'd love to see Apple do to support games and gaming better,” he continued. “But no, we didn't meet with Tim Cook. He seems like a smart guy, but I've never actually met him."

We guess we'll have to wait a little longer to get the ultimate gaming console. Are you disappointed or relieved that the two companies are probably not collaborating at the moment? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Develop]