With Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino currently in rehab for alcoholism and an unspecified prescription drug problem, TMZ is reporting that MTV warned Sorrentino for years to curb his drinking lest he want to end up...well, exactly where he is now. While we're having trouble believing that a show so built off of showing its cast drunk out of their minds would encourage responsible behavior, apparently Sitch was a special case.

According to sources, apparently producers and network execs sat Sorrentino down during the filming of season 2 in 2010 to tell him that his drinking had actually become detrimental to the show. When he promised to improve but only spiraled more out of control during season 3, producers actually threatened to replace him on the series with a new cast member. He reportedly showed signs of improvement during the season in Italy, but upon returning to the states - which was this past season - began heavily drinking again, and was once more threatened to be kicked off the series.

Now that Sitch is in rehab and cleaning up his act, though, apparently producers are seeking out new castmates "in the hopes of phasing Sitch out entirely." MTV denies these claims, however, so the validity of them remains to be seen.

Would you like to see Sitch off the series?

[via TMZ]