As a game developer, I imagine that putting your time and energy into a project, only have the game cancelled, is a pretty devastating experience.

I imagine that's why Mr. Martin Binfield, a character animator formerly of Sony Cambridge, used clips from some of the projects he's worked on that never saw the light of day in his video resume.

Among the cancelled projects shown are The Getaway 3, a sequel that would've brought the PS2-era open-world mob game to this console generation, and Heavenly Sword 2, the unannounced sequel to Ninja Theory's action game from early in the PS3 lifecycle.

The Getaway 3 was cancelled  while being developed in 2008, most likely as part of a management shakeup, according to Eurogamer. Reports varied on how far along the game was when it was cancelled, though the clip shown clearly indicates that the game moved past pre-production.

Heavenly Sword 2, on the other hand, was cancelled very early in its development cycle. It was also cancelled in 2008. Ninja Theory began working on Enslaved shortly after.

[From Abandonedsheep via Eurogamer]