Famed Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez has been approached about playing a drag queen in the upcoming movie biopic about artist Salvador Dali, titled The Surrealistaccording to The New York Post. The site is reporting that the role A-Rod is up for is that of Potassa, Dali's dress-wearing social secretary.

“It’s quite a good idea and has a serious side to it,” says the director, Philippe Mora. “Dali was obsessed with baseball. Walt Disney used to take him to [games]. At first it sounds hilarious, but it’s a serious [offer].”

A-Rod was suggested by Dali acolyte, Richard Dupont, who pointed out that he has "great legs." We would love nothing more than to see the mighty Rodriguez strutting around in a stuffed bra and wig up on the big screen, but we have a feeling that it's just a pipe dream. A source close to the third baseman told the site, "He’s really focused on the season, and on winning a championship.” 

But judging on how the Yankees' season has started, A-Rod should have a lot of time on his hands if the movie begins filming in October. 

[via The New York Post]