For almost five years, celebrities have been allowed to go about their daily lives without interruption, flaunting their physical perfection and monetary superiority, but not anymore. MTV's Punk'd returned last week, and with it, a slew of celebrity hosts and the smug sense of schadenfreude-inspired satisfaction derived from seeing someone who has everything suffer through an elaborate act of public ridicule.

We didn't miss Ashton Kutcher parading around with his trucker hats and dumb grin, but we've longed to once again witness the humiliation of other famous people. Now that Punk'd is back and we've seen Taylor Swift, Rob Dyrdek, Sean Kingston, and Miley Cyrus fall under the axe of shame, we're hungry for more. 

There are celebrities who might go down quietly, with class in tact—keep those. We want crazy, unpredictable, and inappropriate reactions that will haunt stars (and entertain us) for years to come, and this is who we know we can get it from: 20 Celebrities Who Need To Get Punk'd.

Written by Shanté Cosme (@ShanteCosme)

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