Who says video games don't teach kids anything? 13-year-old Jeremy Wuitschick is being hailed as a hero today after taking control of a school bus after the driver passed out at the wheel, and successfully driving the vehicle to safety.

The driver was transporting Wuitschick and 15 other students to Surprise Lake Middle School when he began gasping for air and waving his hands around. According to ABC News, this was when Wuitschick stepped in and grabbed the wheel, pulling the bus over to the side of the road and pulling the keys out of the ignition. 

"I knew something was wrong," Wuitschick told local news. "It was pretty scary. I was just acting on instinct. It was all happening really quickly."

A superintendent for the school district said that children are trained in emergency situations that may occur on the school bus. 

The driver was taken to the hospital, and his condition - caused by an unspecified heart problem - is considered "grave."

[via Gawker]