Like Cusack, Betty White's most iconic role is from the late '80s, but the actress managed to make one of the industry's most impressive comebacks nearly two decades later. What gives? We'll tell you: commercials.

Yes, plenty of people frown upon them, leading leading men and ladies to flee to other countries to make the beaucoup bucks, but in some cases, selling out has proven to be just the right maneuver to jump-start a career that's reached a stalemate. For White, the turning point can be traced back to a Super Bowl Snickers commercial that not only reminded the world that she existed, but that she was also pretty fucking funny. 

With big directors like David Lynch, Wes Anderson, and Spike Jonze (with whom Cusack has previously collaborated) shifting their lenses over to products from time to time in place of film stars, a money-making opportunity could turn into an even better networking opportunity.