The revelation that Assassin's Creed 3 will be set during the American Revolution has made waves in the world of gaming, and with good reason: it's about time we gamers got to explore some more real world-based settings that aren't World War II or the near future.

A few people saw it coming, helped along by various leaks. But it wasn't that far of a stretch, was it? We don't recall any games before Assassin's Creed that were set during the Crusades or in 16th century Italy, after all.

And as much as we love to mock Call of Duty's annual, cookie-cutter releases, Black Ops' Cold War narrative was one of the most compelling in the series to date. It all begs the question: what other eras would we like to see explored more in games? Read on!

Note: All research for this article was done on Wikipedia. Journalism!